07 January 2010

School sucks ?

Well, today was the first day of school reopen
Whole family woke up together early in the morning
My sister, brother and I had to go to school ; my parent went to jog

I reached school at time, saw damn many students gathered at the school canteen
Oh hell yea, our school canteen is much bigger than before, but the stalls are still remain to same
It was raining in the morning, we could skip the assembly and went back to the class

I was worrying who gonna sit with me this year
Last year was Mr.Bra, and this year is Mr.Lui Meng Cheng * big claps *
Our class located at the new block, and class 5K is our neighbour.
Too bad that class 5M not beside us, i can't punch Babish Xon
I am gonna miss you . HA ! xD

ps : We don't have electric current whole this week ? School didn't pay for the electric bill.

Our class monitor had changed, Yong Xin is our class new monitor this year * big claps again *
Assistant still remains as Woei Shya

I saw she and her gangs everyday .
They disgusted me anyway . wtf ! o0o

I'ma work harder ; if i could, i would try not to skip any classes !
Hmmm .. impossible lar oit ! I like to skip classes . xD

I'ma going to have a study group ? sounds sohai i know
But i think it is work ! Siapa mau join ?!

I'ma going to get my driving license as fast as possible, and soon, very very soon
I am sick of waiting the bus under the hot sun

I'ma save some money for me new handphone and new camera
Any suggestion ? I have no idea .

Yeah ! My hair is longer, but just a lit bit .. :S

I love flirt !

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