03 January 2010

A brand new year !

I don't know what to say because my mind is totally blank now
Let's just make it simple
2009 is the year that i love the most, guess so ..

1) I met him, i went for him, and i confessed to him ! He is just a sweet and cute guy, and i loved him, he loved me too ! xD * Actually it was before January *

2) Back from Taiwan trip ! The trip was really fun and we also countdown at Taipei . Hey, i will go there again . xD

1) My sweet sixteen ! Meen darling made a birthday card for me and it is in Apple shape. She knows i love apple very much * girlkiss *, dnd he drew me a birthday card drawing too. But he didn't even sing me a birthday song, so sad lar oit !

2) I didn't celebrate Valentine's Day, and i am sick of the feeling. I was dreaming i date with him. I am folly !

1) Sport's Day !. Red House get champion for cheer leading, how meaningful is it. By the way, we bet Blue House might get champion this time :S

2) IR Night of Leo Club. Met my primary schoolmates and they really grow taller. Everyone was getting high on that day, ecspecially Kah Chuah ! ;P

1) Meen Darling went for singing competition at Station 1 Cafe. Support her together with Bei Bei. Although she couldn't get into the next round, but i was still proud of her !

2) His birthday. I was failed the buy a coffee maker for him, and i was sad because he ignored me for quite a long time.

1) Singing competition for English Fortnight. Well, my class's performance was .. funny ! Imao !

2) Having mid-year examination. I hate exam all the time . Ish !

1) Met with my primary schoolmate, Gonna Zai ! Too bad i didn't take a pic with him .

2) Scool Carnival's Day ! This was my first time involved in carnival. I always thought that Carnival's Day was so boring and i almost get sunstroke, but i realized that is was really fun ! xD

3) A small gathering with primary classmates at Kluang Station, Desa Park City. Most of them are same school as me, but not much people could attend. Soooo, let's gathering again !

4) Meen Darling's brithday ! Fist time gave her my hand-made bithday card . Gosh, i think it looks ugly ! I made a deal with her dream man, i asked him to took pic with her. HA ! After school, celebrated her birthday at Gasoline with a girls. Hmm, i think she was happy ! xD

1) Open Day and i get my mid-term result. The result was sucks ! I didn't try my best, and i knew that . =(

2) Malam Kebudayaan at our school. Paradise Rocksss that night !

1) My sister's birthday and following was my brother's birthday !

2) Went to 30 Hours Famine. That camp really meaningful and i met Wan Lock and Yong Jin aka elephant ! I will go there again ! * peace *

3) Found myself being so abnormal. Am i ?

1) Vacation to Penang ! Many many food there . * mmmmm *

2) Started the prepartion for end-year examination. I changed ?!

1) My mum's birthday ! Hey mum, i won't hurt you anymore, and i will try to tolerate with you.

2) Babish Xon's birthday, same day as my mum. He is my best boy friend, HA ! xoxo

3) Having end-year examination. I did study ! Even my friends think i changed too, LOL !

1) Exam finished ! Everyone started to skip school. We just played in the class even we did go to school.

2) My dad's birthday. He-is-a-perfect-man ! Really, i love him very-very-very much ! xD

3) Farewell party for our beloved teachers at Shabu Shabu. After that, yam cha at Babylon, supper supper supper !

4) Went to book fair with Yong Xin and Cathssy. Bought 2 books. Hey, i think i really abnormal. =O We also trapped inside the Ktm Station for almost 4 hours. o0o Malaysia's ktm sucks !

1) My cousin's wedding ! First time put make up on my face . Muahahahaha !

2) Went to Pavilion to meet Jay Chou ! First time went to meet him, but too bad i couldn't get closer, ish ! Next time next time next time next time ! xD

3) Chritsmas Day ! Celebrated with my families this year.

4) New Year Eve. Went to countdown at Desa Park City with my girls - Meen Darling, Swing, Yanni, Thong Yen and Xing Ti. Met a lot of KB-ians there, some of them went there 偷情 . * evil smile *

I will keep all these memories in my mind
I appreciate everything on 2009.
I wish 2010 will be a better year !

2010 !

My dead.


:) Thongyen said...

hey ! the new year eve
u missed out me ? sobs TT

Eugene ! said...

arghhh !
paiseh !
no wonder lar ... !

Shumeen said...

nice post dar.
my name appears so many times! haha...
dream man?
i love him forever. forever is over.