21 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010 !

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy belated Valentines' Day !
During these few days, we get many ang paus but i'm still not satisfy yet, so anyone else willing to share his/her ang pau with me ?! * winkyy *

Today was 除夕夜, had our reunion dinner at grandmum's house
As usuall, played fireworks with my bother and cousins.

Today was 大年初一, means the first day of CNY
Woke up early in the morning to prepare ourself
We get ang pau from our parent and after that heading to grandmum's house again
As usually, adults gambled and teenagers gambled and children ran all around the house

Went to cinema around 6.30pm to watch movie - The Wolfman
Oh yea, today was Valentines' Day too, so saw many couples
I want a boyfriend too larh !

Taday was 大年初二, second day of CNY
Went to my aunt house
Honestly, quite boring on this day, cause we just sat there and watched tv
Doing nothing. Ewwwww !

Today was 大年初三, third day of CNY
Worst than yesterday
I woke up around 12 noon
We stayed at home whole day after having our lunch.

Today was 大年初四, fourth day of CNY
Wake up pretty early in the morning, cause i was going to visit to someone's house !
My mum fetched me to school and Thomas Lee Yong Jin aka Elephant picked me up there
Straight away heading to Selayang to pick Xuxu Ling up
After that, went to Ai Mei's house
Now i just knew that one of our SQM juniors was her brother ! O.O
We met Elephant's primary schoolmate too

We had our party at Elephant's house
We cheong K, gambling, chit-chatted, rolling on his bed ?
Anyway, it was funnnnnnnn !


My destination was Bryan's house
Credits to Elephant for fetching me to his house, treat you bah kut teh next time ! xD
Most of the people attended to the party was my classmates
We gambled, and B was busy being the cameraman.
Oh yea, Joee was enjoying camwhore-ing by using B's DSLR
Khun Khai drunk at B's house, hope he didn't do anything wrong. HA !

Today was 大年初五, fifth day of CNY
Went to Kah Yee's house
People who attended was Me, Swing, Jwen, Xing Ti, Yanni, Joee, Yong Sheng, Ngau Zai and Eugene Yee
We gambled for whole day !

Had steamboat as dinner with my family and my aunt's family at Metro Prima
Met some KB-ians too.

Today was 大年初六,sixth day of CNY
Went to Yanni's house took ang pau and gossip !

Went to Kenny's house with Swing, Jwen and Meen Darling
Forced and ordered by someone. HA !
New friend today - Hi Kenny and Hi Jeremy

Today was 大年初七, the seveth day of CNY
Xuxu Ling came to my house around noon and we went to Yong Xin's house
People who attended - Mun Mun, Xin Ying, Cathssy, Kit Zai, Hong Shen, Ah Soon
I didn't gamble at all, cause i lose quite a lot of money ytd * cry *

Heading to my house after that
Kah Yee, Swing, Xing Ti, and Jwen came to my house too !
Around 7pm, we heading to Hong Shen's house

Today was also her father and her sister's birthday
Happy Birthday uncle and leng lui ! xD

We watched ghost movie - Coming Soon
Damn, Daniel them kept on kacau me behind of me when we were watching
I been scared by them for N times
And i cried !

Really, that movie really very scary.

Today was 大年初八, the eighth day of CNY and also the last day for CNY holiday
Going back to school tmr, feels like dying larh man.
Relatives visited my house and made me couldn't go to Xing Ti's house. Ish !

Going to dinner at my grandmum's house soon
Ciaos people !

Ps : My ate chicken rice for 3 days berturut-turut !
Pps : I haven't done my school homework !
Ppps : I don't even know got what homework ?!

I miss him larh damn !

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