13 February 2010

Here's The Dust Again.

It's almost 2 weeks i didn't update my bloggie.
I have so many things to bog, but i don't have the time to blog

This was such an important day for me
Hell yeah, it was my birthday !
Thanks for those who wished me and i really appreciate all the wishes
Thanks Meen Darling for her sweet and a very surprising kiss; Thanks for all of your big big hug; Thanks for those who sang birthday song for me; Thanks for those who wished me
I was really very very touched and almost want to cry !
Aww .

Received a hand-making birthday card from Xuxu Ling, and a hand-making cup too .
The picture is so damn funny and the cup .. i think i won't use that cup !
I scare i will break it . =X

Received another hand-making birthday card from Jwen too
This was my first time received her hand-making birthday card
Although she said the card looks quite poor, but it shows your sincerity * winkyy *

My dad bought me a birthday cake
I shared my birthday cake with my aunt and uncle
My aunt gave me ang pau ! xD

I'ma Birthday girl !

Oh yea, today was frog dissection in out class
One of the frog escaped from the plastic bag when Ah Leng brought it to school
But we succeed to catch it !

The frog of my group was pregnant ?!
Hallehluyah, God bless .
I killed thousands of life

Went to an Italian restaurant near Metro Prima after school with Swing and Kah Yee
We gossip a lots; We chatted a lots
I am glad to be with them

Swing !

Me and Kah Yee !

xoxo girls !

Today was my dad's company annual dinner, held at Shogun. 1 Utama
My sister and I kept eating and eating and eating
We kept eating from 6pm until 9.30pm
HA !
Freaking full * phewwww ______ *

Niceeee wan !

I am darker again !

Today i went to watch movie - Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief with my Kid, Ah Pek Ooi and Weng Joon
Thanks Kid for treating me

Someone " How are you and him? "
Me " Ermmm, very well ! "
Someone " What's your level ? "
Me " We don't even hold each other's hand "

He said " I will hold your hand "
Me " HA ! " * blush *

Hold me and never let me go please !

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