27 March 2010

Happy Birthday to Sapo !

I have a very a quite special friend; she has special personalities
She smile the most always, loving and caring, loves food a lots and camwhore wherever she goes
Her name is Lim Jo Ee, named as Monster too

Well, today is her birthday, and we celebrated with her at Steamboat, Desa Park City
We lied to her that we were not going to celebrate with her, actually we wanted to give her a surprise
She did quite surprised when she saw us, and she was going to cry
We sang the birthday song to here and gave her a cake too
Everyone gave her a present and took a photo with her
When she saw those presents, she cried !
Oh babeh, please dont cry * pinch *

After that, we started to have our dinner
Everyone was camwhore-ing all around, syiok sendiri, and girls' talk
After having dinner, we took a group and we posed like SNSD

Yanni and Jwen

The cake !

My food. xD

Me and the birthday girl, Monster Jojo !

Hey babeh, camwhore kaki forever !
Love youuuuuuuuuuuu <3

Appreciate our friendship

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Monster said...

i appreciate you!!! <3