19 March 2010

Gathering !

Today we had a gathering with all the Rajawali's cheer leading girls at MOMO Paradise :)
Around 5pm, MrDJ aka our driver came over my house and picked me up
Besides that, he also fetched along Kuan Tee, Kar Shin and Mui Hui
He should feel lucky cause so many leng luis sat in his car ;p

Other girls already there and waiting for us
After paid, we started eating and chit-chatting.
We even syiok-sendiri at this public place, posed a lot when taking group pics
Stuck on the wall, posed like ultraman and etc !
I think the tauke will close the door if he/she saw us visit there next time

What we did ?
  • Eat and eat NON-STOP !
  • Took a lot of photos and syiok-sendiri
  • I za you and you za me ? We za antara satu same lain !
  • Kept shouting " i'm fulled MAN ! "

Tips when eating steamboat !
  • Eat moreeeee ! You paid all
  • Talk less. Talk makes you feel fulled easily.
  • Eat slowly. Slow, slow, slowwwwwww

I went home quite early today, around 9pm
Credits to MrDJ for being my driver all the day ! Give you a treat next time * winkyyy *

I miss those old and unforgettable time with you all
Let's have gathering again ! And i just love it a lotsssss.

Mineeeee ! * yummyyyy *

Momo aka our organizer !

MrDJ aka my driver !

That's us ! I love you all girls ! :)

For more photos, pergi Facebook larh

Ps: I just cut my fringe too ! And it makes me look like Chinese Doll.

We didn't chat today :(

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