14 March 2010

SMKB Sports Day !

School Sports Day finally ended up yesterday ! :)

Went to studio right after having tuition; overnight at Momo's house; only slept for one and half hours.
OMG, i was freaking tired and sleepy
I was fucking satisfied of our performance, even thought we just get the second
For me and others RAJAWALI, we are still the winner
And last, let's continue ROCKS ON !

The girls ! :D

Credits to Mun Yee for helping us to make up
Credits to Hann for accompanied us for day and night
Credits to Mr.DJ for fetching us and preparing the breakfast for us
Credits to BeiBei for being our photographer and giving us a lot of comments
Credits to those who supported us
Credits to all RAJAWALI !

Hey girls, don't be so upset, we did well really !
Hey Kuan Tee, dont be so fed up, you taught us well !
Hey Boyfriend, thnx for your hug and i did really need it ! <3

I really don't know how to express my feeling with words


Appreciate the last Sports Day in SMKB
Appreciate our friendship


eminey626 said...

arrghh!!! the last year we joined cheer ><

Eugene ! said...

Yea lorh..
mm seh dak ark ! ><

LIING said...

lose d nvm.. at least u did join..
and also u earn a hug!! xD
i think nt a but two!! TWO HUGS!!