18 March 2010

Can I Just Leave My Tittle Empty ?

I can't think anything now, really !

* stopped for quite a plenty minutes *

Back to topic.
Well we are having school holidays for almost 1 week now.
I don't know whether i should use my holiday time wisely to study or just relax myself
Finally i choose both of them

Relax sambil belajar. LOL !

Ala, just don't give myself too much pressure and try to concentrate on studies.
Currently doing revision for Biology and i feel i become more hardworking ? * bull-shit larh oit ! *

Our beloved tuition teacher, Dr.Fong said,
" Don't care about those monthly tests, relax and enjoy your holiday time now. You all wanna suffer ? I swear i'll let you all suffer after that * evil smile *. "

Last few days ago was our very first anniversary
Heh ! Heh ! HEHHHH ! xD

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Tomorrow going to gathering with all my cheer leading girls ! xD
Really can't wait for it.
Oh yea, all must rmb bring along the camera, charge the battery cukup-cukup !

Time to bed and ciaos peeps :)

I want him so badly.


eminey626 said...

eii! agree lehh! so fast let urself suffer for what?
enjoy now! :D

Eugene ! said...

sure, but still need to study