12 April 2010

You're The Heart Breaker

Oh yea, I had been dumped by my Boyfriend on Saturday night
Hell, that was really sad

The reason that we broke up is he thinks that he needs a partner that really understand him and know what he is thinking
Did I fail to understand him ?
Maybe I was, but I think that everyone needs some time to understanding each others
If I could, I would like to use my whole life to know about and understand you

Hey boy, I do really appreciate you
Hey boy, I do really think that you're the right guy
But see what you had done to me ?
Hell yea, you broke my heart.

I was very insist of our relationship and trying to beg you to stay
But you were just so cruel and turned off your head and said " NO, SORRY "
Nothing can change the fact, and the fact still the fact.

I wish you can find a girl that really truely understand you, has a pretty face, has a high IQ, knows how to cook, has a common interested with you, can communicate with you, and etc
I wish you joy and happiness and above all of these, I wish you love.

I'm gonna be okay and be alright
I just need some time to get over you
Don't need to worry about me and I'll take good care of myself

I still need your love and caring however
You would never know that I'm crying whole night for you
And you are going to pay this because my eye bags become bigger and bigger !

Last word for you

heartbroken Pictures, Images and Photos

Pasting my heart back pieces by pieces

I miss you


Munn said...

chillll :)

KhAi Chai said...

smile :D

eminey626 said...

>< be tough

Eugene ! said...

Yesh, i'll be okayy.

Monster said...

i love you darling!
you may find a superb mr right!

Eugene ! said...

Yea, dont need to rush right ? ;p

KahYee said...


Eugene ! said...

love you too. <3