23 May 2010


It's exam week now
The exam really screw me up RAWRR !

Our first paper were Sejarah and BM
Before that day, i set the alarm and planned to wake up at 3.30am to study
When the alarm rang, i woke up and i walked out from my room
But i don't know why, i walked into my room again and laid on my bed and SLEPT OFF !
and thus, i didn't study anything for Sejarah -.-
Oh yea, my Sejarah paper 100% fail.

BM paper was quite easy for me, i done all the question EXCEPT PERIBAHASA.
Oh yea, first time done my bina ayat question lerh !
Usually i will just left it empty. HEH !

This week, most of the papers will be science subjects
and after that, WE ARE TOTALLY temporary FREE !

Ciaos, dinner at Subang later !

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Sweet memories :)

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