16 May 2010

Biboo !

Well, honestly i'm kinda lazy to update my blog since i found that i'm lack of time
Sometimes i really hope that there would me 48 hours in a day :X
Exam is getting nearer and nearer
I promised myself that i would put more efforts on it, but now i think i failed to do it
SLAP ! * ouch *

Let's start from the celebration for Mothers' Day
On every second weekend of May, mothers will be the KING of the day
Everyone must listen to Kings' orders !

After having my tuition, my family went to De Pastry to buy a cake for my grandmother
Her favorite punya CHOCOLATE CAKE ! :D
Straight away heading to grandmother's house to have a lunch with her and also my relatives
When i stepped into her house, i gave her a rose, then she started to talking some alien's language that i'm not used to hear it.
But i knew one of the sentences, was " nakutdiao ", means " owh, it's crazy ! "
Fine, give me back the rose !

After having lunch with my families, then we started to have our dessert - fruits, puddings and cakes of course
Granny looked so bloody happy today xD

The cake !

The cute wan !

At night, of course we celebrated with my mummy


My brother and my mummy !

Hey mummy
i'm just too shy to say this to you, but you're the best for me !

Oh yea, guess what.
I studied at MCD on Saturday
I thought i'll be more concentrate, but i think my thought was wrong
Whole day wasting my time to enjoy my Sundae Chocolate and looking around DOH !

Hey, mcd !

I'll be okay !


Monster said...

ur mum is so pretty!

Eugene ! said...

Wow ! thnx.
your mum looks young too what ?!