01 May 2010

IR Night !

25th of April was IR Night of our school
The theme for the night was Blast From The Past

I woke up early in the morning and straight away on9
Through the Plurk, I knew that everyone was so excited of it, and ME TOO ! xD
Around 1.30pm, Xuxu Ling came to my house and we went to the saloon
After that, Kah Yin joined us too.
Kah Yin and I curled our hair; Xuxu Ling cut her hair
Around 4pm, we started to dress up ourselves and my sister helped me to make up

My daddy was quite annoying because we was being late to gather at school
But when we reached there, he saw still had quite a lot of people were waiting there
He was shocked too, and he said, " Wahh, all dressed up like a peacock ! "

Met up with Kenny too.
And here, i wanted to apologize to Kenny of being late and let you waited for me ! =X
I was trying so hard to make him feel comfortable when be with me, and i hope it was successed.
Met up with my girls too, all were so PRETTY ! Awwwwww ! :3

All the way to the Confucian Private Secondary School, i chatted with Kenny, but i think mostly was crap. HA !
Reached there, i was like 0.0 ! Freaking a lot of people !
Shya, Huei, Joey and i went to the backstage since we were performers
Oh yea, i met with my ex-tuition friend too, Cathyee !

And lastly, Paradiser came.
The big-head-prawn Swing forgot about the CD, but lucikly her mum took it to us. >< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">Cathyee again and chatted with her for a little while

We got truly high when Chen's and Paradise's performance
And guess what, Xuxu Ling brought six wisels ! LMAO !

My comment :
  • I heard that the food wasn't really good, and luckily i didn't eat
  • No tables ? There'll be perfect if had tables.

But yet, we still very ENJOY and the night was fun !

Credits too :
  • Kenny, thnx for carrying me. It was really unstable walking with high heels.
  • Sister, thnx for being my make up artist, but i'm turn into the beast again :(

Oh yea, Babish Xon supposed to be my lovely partner that night, but I had to accompany Kenny since Swing was kinda busy
Babish Xon, you are always my best boy's friend partner ! * winkyy *
I saw Kun Kit, he looked freaking good that night, but he was no longer being mine :(

Ace and Eugene !

For more picture, please go to facebook ! * jump *

Me ?

I never told you.
I still want you so.

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