07 May 2010


Well, just some clothing information for girls !
Just found some photos and i would like to share with you girls

The cut away detail, flowing ribbons and the daring high slit
I love this dress because the cutting is so special and SEXY !
And some more, the ribbons at the back look cute !

The next following pictures are all about the hair style
Actually, i'm still not very clear about the hair trend, so i just post some here.

The long-red-hair !
Hell yea, i fucking love this hair style, especially the RED colour
As you all know, red colour will make someone looks fairer

Middle-long-hair !
Add some hair accessories like hairband on your hair
This hairband is cute and i think it designed as a fake ear on your head !

And lastly the side braid hair !

Your hair must be long enough of course
Oh yea, don't thread your fringe
Whether it's cut as a blunt fringe or not, into the braid, instead it is best to style the fringe loosely.

I will post more and more details next time ! :)

Ps : Boys are not allowed here i think ? ;p

I'm confused

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