15 June 2010

Girls Wear Bra !

Early in the morning, we girls had volleyball training in school
However, i had to go home earlier since i was going to Bra's house for Add Maths project
Credits to Kitzai for the transportation ! * xuxu don't jealous * :D

Our group members - Bra, Hong Shen, Kitzai, Dan, Reuben, Keng Shuen, Hao Ming, Edmund, Jia Yao, Swing and I.
We were so "hardworking" completing the project, but we didn't forget to entertain ourself too.
Bra and friends played Meetoto; I watched Peter Chao's videos.

Don't jia jia larh Eugene Foo !

Ordered Mcd too since all of us were so hungry !

My BigMac ! <3

At night, we were having Bra's birthday celebration too.
More and more people arrived Bra's house.

The girls !

We were having BBQ party.
Credits to all the boys for the food ! :D

Kitzai gave the present that bought with Hong Shen and I at noon to Dan
Check this out for Dan's present !

After that, Jwen and Kah Yee gave the presents to Dan and Bra too
Well, i really love to see their face when they opened the present
Imao !
Check this out again !

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Bra and Dan !
Stay HOT dude ! ;)

Bra looks damn cute here !

Bithcy !


JoKEr said...

shit...i tot gt thngs cn c at here after read ur topic de lo..hahaha...

Eugene ! said...

dont have larh of course.