07 June 2010

The Past

I don't know it has been how long i didn't update my blog
The reasons are i don't have the mood to blog and i have nothing to blog recently
Exam just ended but i didn't do well in the exam, expected.

The last day of school were Teachers' Day celebration of my school
The performances this year were more interesting than last year; The background decoration of the stage was not same as last few years.
Personally love the beatbox performance by Jiayi and also the singing by a "leng zai" teacher
But it doesn't mean that other performances were not good larh oit

However, today is Yanni's big day too !
Happy Birthday YANNI ! ♥

Monkey !

Stayed back for volleyball training after school.
This was the first time that i played volleyball foo so hard, until my hand swollen :O
Our team - Xing Ti Swing Kah Chuah Chooi Chee Shu Meen Jwen Joee Me
We all don't want to lose for the coming competition, that's why we practice so hard HEH !

Ah Loon fetched me along after he done his performance around 4pm.
This was my second time to sit on his car.
Well, this time was much more better than last time. HAHA !

My family was super shocked and gave me a lot of comments when they saw my hand
My brother asked, " Why your hand looks like pig's hand ?! "
My parent said, " What you did ?! You damn siao ! "
My sister said, " Walao eh, your hand damn pig ! "

My hand was so cacat, until now, it still looks that cacat

See the different ?

Saturday, my parent went for wedding dinner and just left my sister and I.
So, my sis brought me out to somewhere with her friends.
First destination, we went Bukit Jalil
In fact, i don't why the reason why we went there, so i just skipped it larh !

Second destination was steamboat restaurant at Maluri.
We had our dinner at 10.30pm
Called up Momo since she is working nearby

Third destination was Germany Beer House, behind of the Maluri Old Town Coffee
Don't ever think that whoever under 18 cannot enter the place
I saw few kids were there with their parents, and they even have kid's meal on the menu.
Anyway, i didn't ordered any alcohol or coffee
But i did try some. LOL !

The Germany Beer !

My Orange Juice

Hell, they drink beer i drink juice

Meet some guys.
Why i doesn't look like 17-year-old girl ?
Mature means old then, for me ;(

Sunday evening, brought my Hubble to Desa Park City
He was so excited !
Reached there, saw many people brought their pets too, and also a girl brought a super big lizard.
She just let the lizard hung on her shoulder. COOL SIA ! O.O

Hubble is so lack of exercise, then he felt very tired after walked 2 rounds in Desa Park City.
I must bring him out often !

On the way going

After reached home.


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