03 July 2010

Rock The Denim !

I saw the same top at Cotton On Body.
Actually not exactly the same, the different are the it is sleeveless, has no leathers as the decoration and it's totally PLAIN BLACK.
I'm quite regret that i didn't buy the top that time . Ewwwwww :(


Whoever couples, i think it is natural and effortless if you wear your boyfriend blazer
The boyfriend blazer has yet to reach the same levels of popularity as the two fashion trends - boyfriend shirt and boyfriend jeans.
However, boyfriend blazer will be part of Spring 2010 Fashion Trends.


There was only 2 simple rules for wearing the boyfriend blazer
  1. Make it oversized
  2. Rolled up your sleeves
Simple right ? ;D

There's hope that we can show people the error of their ways of wearing before the double denim spreads.
However, people are not recommended to try this, it is quite dangerous and if you couldn't match it well, then you will be the weirdo.

The all-denim look is expertly broken up with a tan leather belt; and I'm absolutely loving the cut-away shoulders on the denim shirt.


I'm gonna learn how to rock it !

Sometimes, simple just is best too !


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