22 August 2010

Birthday Celebration & 3rd Month Anniversary !

What an important day for me - had a date with my Boyfriend as I promised him. HEH ! ;D

When I was preparing, dear reached my home.
That time my mum just came back from pasar. She invited dear to come into our house. My mum asked him a lot of questions.
" What is your parent's occupation ? " " Where are you studying ? " " How many siblings you have ? " blah blah blah !
Even thought I was at the upstairs, but I still could hear what they talked. LOL !

Dressed up nicely nicely - I WORE DRESS MAN !
PS : Dear bought me that dress. He knew that I love that dress very much. THANKS ! * kiss kiss kiss *
After had our breakfast, we straight away heading to Sunway Pyramid
We watched movie Salt.
Actually I booked the tickets, but after that i just realized that I booked the wrong place -.-
Hell, the cinema that I booked is Sunway Carnival which located at Penang. LMAO !
Luckily that time was still early and we managed to buy the tickets.

After watched the movie, we just simply went for window-shopping
Around 3pm, we went to The Curve for our lunch and dinner at The Garden
The place was quite harmony and peace :)


Fake wan larh.


Eh, jangan curi ambil gambar saya ark !


Took By Jeremy Teh Jee Han

After quite a long time, here was our FOOOOOOOOOD !





He finished his meal very quickly, and he watched beside me when I was eating, like expecting something
And finally, he fed me. * noom noom noom *


So caring, carried my bag for me


Like very pro lorhh ;)


" Come one Dear, open your mouth "
" Yesh ? Okay ! AAAAAA *open mouth * "

Dear kept on saying I'm dirty cat, cause the sauces left on my mouth.
So, he helped me to clean it with tissue
Dear, why don't you lick it ?


Love this photo, but quite blur :(

Around 7pm, went to ... ahemmmm ...


Dear, looks familiar right ? HAHA !
Yerp, BINGO.
Your house larh xD

Went to Desa Park City a night
I gave him the present and the card that I'd prepared for the whole night
He was quite surprise and very thankful


Taaaadaaaaa !

Dear, I'm really glad to have you, and I do really appreciate you so much
I have no regret to be with you, you know that.
Thanks for you caring and love

Dear, you sacrify a lots for me, I can't just sit there and do nothing
As I said, I'll do everything and anything for your happiness
I'll change; I'll understand you more and more

Sorry dear, I'm so silly sometime and think too much
Next time no crying together through the phone. HAHA !



I love you more than words

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