22 August 2010

Preparation !

Fuhhhhhh ! Finally I manage to get a free time for my blog
School day is really tiring me; but after I meet him, my tiredness will be gone at once. MAGIC !

Back to the topic, it's all about the preparation for my Boyfriend's birthday
I bought his wallet earlier without his knowing.
Before that day, I told him that I would sleep earlier on the phone, but actually, I was busying packing his birthday present and also doing the card for him
I done it around 3am. However, I was satisfied by what I'd done ! ;D

I was worrying - I was so unsure that would he like me present and also my fugly card


Colour Papers !


Padini wallet, RMxx.xx


Happy Birthday Jeremy Teh Jee Han !


This is the fugly card that I mentioned
3rd Month Anniversary ! <3

Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D ... GOOOOOO !

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