18 September 2010

Distance D:

Today is exactly our 4th Month Anniversary ! :D

After came back from tuition, I straight away had my dinner and after that, I made a funny card
The card wrote about the promises that I made for babyku, and the card can remind me of those promises.
After done the card, I just on9 and chatted with him.

When 12am came, I received the wish from babyku at Facebook. And for sure I wished him back too.
I showed me the card that I made for him through webcam, but too bad, it was quite blur and babyku couldn't see it clearly.
So, I just took some pics and showed him.

Babyku asked me to wait for a while. He wanted to make something for me since he didn't prepare anything for me.
Guess what, when I received the "present" that he gave to me, I broke down.
My tears just like water tap you know ? LOL.


When I received it, I was so touched and I felt very happy.
Seriously I am ! :D

Maybe you guys might think that, just a piece of paper and with some childish drawing, nothing special.
Or maybe you guys think that, the drawing is suck.

But for me, this is the best thing present I've never get before.
Baby, you don't need to buy those expensive and branded things for me, really.
I didn't ask for that and I will try not to ask for that. HAHA !
Anyway, no matter what you give, I feel happy too.
Money doesn't mean anything sometimes.

There is so many things I wanna tell you baby, really.
ps : for those who will feel sick of both of us, you may leave here ;)

Now you're at Shang Hai, China and I'm at Malaysia.
Before you left, you told me that you worried that our relationship will change, and til now, I know you're still worrying too right?

Baby, this moment will be our first challenge. I'm having exam and you're study overseas, we are in the distance.
But as I told, I won't change :D

Baby, thanks for being such tolerate, understanding and considerate all the time. I promised, and I won't go back on my words.
When I look back, I realised that you did too much for, maybe it is the time for me to do something for you.

I will do as what I said.
Like the seduction ? HAHA!
Don't ever run me down okay ? ;)

Still the same
I love you Jeremy Teh Jee Han

Feel proud when you saw your name here uh ?

Boyfriend edit

Even we are in the distance, but we still can stay sweetttttt ! ;D

Say it again.

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