15 September 2010

Target On! ;)

As what I listed on my wish list, I wanna rebond my hair.

And finally, my wish has achieved and it has been 1 week ;D
Btw, the result isn't that obvious, but at least my hair is much more tidy than before.
Dear likes me new hair too, he said I look much more girlish than before.
I'm glad to hear that :)

For me, I think make up really not very necessary in my age, some more it is very tiring especially after you hang out for a whole day, you still have to remove your make up before you go to bed.
And and and, make up often worsen your skin too, if you didn't take care of your skin well.

But surprisingly, I've learn how to make up myself recently, but just for eyeliner, fake eyelashes and the most important NO FOUNDATION
Well, I'm quite satisfy of the result and the make up does really make my eyes look bigger.

Here's the result and the difference.


Still need to improve my skill -.-!
But its already perfect for me since this is my first time. WHAT SO PROUD ?!

My mum always ask me to buy a bag for myself, since my sis likes to use my bag so much and normally, it spoiled after passing through her hand.
I like those big size bag, so that I fix many things inside, the most important is I can fix in my jacket ;)

Here's my new target.


I found this bag at Sungai Wang first, and it costs quite cheap, below RM50
But the imperfection is the size is small, unable to fix my rubbish.
I found this bag at The Curve for the second time, and it costs really expensive, around RM60-RM70.
The size is big enough, just the price.

What the hell, I'm gonna start to save money now.
I want shopping til crazy after the exam. HEH! ;D

I'm still searching for the new targets, like clothes, watch, hat and LINGERIE! lmao.

I miss your smile :)

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