05 September 2010

The Suckest Holiday :(

We are having 2 weeks holiday NOW ! But trial exam is after 2 weeks and 3 days, so how are us going to enjoy the holiday?
For me, 1 week for dates and another week for studies, i think quite balance HAHAHA !

Seriously, I really don't like this holiday; For me, just like living in the hell or something like that

First, trial exam is after the holiday. So, all i have to do during the holiday is STUDY AND STUDY AND STUDY, no others.
Second, my Boyfriend gonna back to China for studies for 4 months. I keep on telling myself, " Hey just 4 months, he will be back. ", but then my heart just.. *sigh*
Third, the pressure from my parent makes me can't breathe. Their expection on me just very high.

How am i gonna spend my holiday wisely ?!

1. Dates ;D

For me, dates go first during this holiday. I'm gonna spend my whole first week of the holiday with Boyfriend. Breakfast, movies, outdoor activities, chit-chatting and blah blah blah! We will just do everything together. I want to bring him happiness and of course, back to China with no regretion. I'm just used to be with him. Just 3 months time, he makes me crazy over him. Well, I'm going to start to plan it! * winkyyyy*

2. Studies D;

As I said, trial exam is around the corner, and it is the time for me to prove it. Since I'm in the relationship, my parent starts to control me. What they told me was its okay to be friend, but not boyfriend or girlfriend. Btw, who cares? I'm not gonna give him up because of my parent's opposition. Not because I'm not respect them, but Jeremy Teh Jee Han, such a great man, is also important for me in my life. So, I'm gonna prove to them, even thought I am in the relationship, but still I manage to take care of my studies too, and this relationship won't affect anything but it motivates me to work more harder.

3. Diet and Exercises !

People gained weight easily, especially during holiday. So, balance-diet must have in our daily life. For those who wanna lose weight, just eat less carbohydrates - carbohydrates are the one make you to gain weight! And for those who have constipation, eat more fibers and fruits! I'm gonne eat more vegetables and friuts, time to change for him. And sure, drink more water. My Boyfriend always remind to drink more water, so my skin won't be dry and won't get sick easily. Never skip your meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner! Don't just sit and at home, facing the computer for whole day and night. Walk out from your room and go for some outdoor activities! Jogging, swimming and jungle trekking at FRIM are what I did with my Boyfriend. LOL ! Breathe in some fresh air makes your mind wiser ;D

4. Beautify myself -.-

I can't find other suitable words actually. LOL! I'm gonna rebond my hair, it has been N months i didn't go for a hair cut and now here's the chance. Learn how to make up? Maybe. Borned for 17 years old, I dont even know how to use foundation. But stil the word, I'm lazy! Especially when you have to remove your make up, its tiring D:But still the most important is my hair, my skin and of course my skin tone. I have 3 different skin tones on my body, gosh!

That's all for the post. Ada holiday macam takde holiday, still.
Saty tuned for the next post, next next post, and of course the next next next post! ;D

I'm gonna miss you :(

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