12 September 2010

The Last Date ;(

As I wished and promised, I had my last date with Babyku before he left.
Actually planned to go to his house around 8 something, but I slept over the time, so I went to his house around 9 something.
We did some "interesting activities" in his house, everything just fun. HA!
After that, I bathed at his house. I know what you guys are thinking. LOL!
After we prepared everything, we went for our breakfast at Taman Desa Jaya,Kepong - that's a vegetarian restaurant.

After finished our breakfast, we went to Midvalley and by the time we reached there, it was around 1.30 noon. 
The aim that we went there not for dating, is for buying shirt.
Since the weather at Shang Hai, China will turn cold, so babyku wanna buy some shirts and jacket
But he couldn't buy a suitable jacket, so we headed to Sungai Wang
Babyku bought a black jacket, white polo-shirt and a pair of sun glass. He wanted to buy me a pair of sun glass too, but couldn't find a suitable too. 
I don't know whether is my face too small, or the sun glass too big -.-!

Back to Kepong again to have our dinner. We had our dinner at Nature's Recipe Cafe which is located near Carefour.
Silently tell you all, the service is suck. LOL!
Babyku was so tired after we finished our dinner, I knew that, being driver is tiring.
However, he insisted to go for a movie at 1U.

By the time we reached IU, something very unlucky happened to me - my heels spoiled! -.-!
So, we just went to Cotton On to buy a pair of heels again.
Babyku said, I looked better with the new heels - legs longer and became taller too. HAHA!
We watched Step Up 3 in 3D.
I knew Babyku was so tired already, so I asked him to laid on my head when watching movie, but he didn't want to listen to me. How naughty are you?!

After the movie, it was already 10.30pm. So, we just went back home. 

On the way going home, I held his hand tightly, very tight. I could feel my heart and hand were shaking at that moment.
When I reached home, we hugged tightly, and my tears just came out like water tap.
Babyku just busy asking me not to cry and wiping off my tears.

ps : I had cried for many times today. I cried in his house; I cried when we were eating; I cried in his car; I cried in the cinema.

At the end, I forced myself to get down from the car, and also to get into my house. 
When I was opening my door, Babyku shouted
Eugene Foo, I LOVE YOU!

I miss those moment :(

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