10 October 2010

A Mail

Hello lady, you got a mail!
Oh yea, that's from you dumb dumb Boyfriend!

As you guys know, our first baby has borned.
Yeaaa, please welcome our new house member, Sony Nex-5 aka Maggie Mian *clapsss*
Daddy and mummy will very sayang you, Maggie Mian :D

Finally, I got some photos from dear.
The photos was captured by him at China
Well, i like the effect seriously.
So, you be the photographer and I'm here to promote for you :p


The night life in China


Meow meow :)


I love this photo the most!
This cute little meow likes showing out its cute little tongue! xD

Btw, this two little kittens seemed like want to seduce my boy with their tails.

Kittens, he is mine adi. HAHA!

Anyway, the photos are not the original photos, I edited it.
So dear, I'm sorry if you don't like the effect! ><

Keep it up baby!
Hope to see more works from you :)

101 days to go?

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