03 October 2010


Having trials exam now, stress dao meeeeeeeeeeee D:
This is how a person who prepare for the exam at the eleventh minutes feels, so never start your revision only when the exam is around the corner, its too late!

The first exam week had over, one more week to go for trial.
And 1 more month to go for SPM
Well, trial exam what, just try right? But doesn't mean that not important.
However, if you failed in trials, WORK HARDER FOR SPM!
It will be your last chance to change your fate LOL!
So, good luck! *cross-over*

Normally, I stay up and burn the midnight oil.
And guess what, who is the one who always be with me?!
BINGO! Dialah sayangku! :D
Guess what, who is the one who pray for me when I'm sitting for the exam?!
BINGO! Dialah sayangku lagi! :D

Hey Boyfriend, thanks for your blessing all the time, and also your sleeping time.
However, must take care of your health too okay?
Sleep early if the next day got class, if not you'll be super tired.
I know you are very kuat larh, but also will fall into sick, so must take care of it!

Thanks for being with me when I'm so stressed up; Try to don't want give me so much worries so that I can be more concentrate on study.
I tell you !
When you come back here, I'm gonna give you some rewards man! :p


I'm glad to have you and this is the face which I like to show you everyday!

I've found the one who spin my world, change my world and coloured my world :D

How about you?! Have you found it? ;)

I need to be more responsible! ;(

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