16 October 2010

Past & Present

Well, my trial exam has over since Tuesday, finally my boy and I can get some good-night-sleep.
I got back some of my exam papers, some still very weak, but I could see the improvement! :D

I'm gonna work very hard, so that I can get my SPM result with flying colour ;)

Picnik collage

This was me when I was form 3-4, I was still short-hair-girl that time.
Til I met him, he encouraged me to keep my hair long.
He believed that I would look very feminine with long hair.
So, I decided to keep my hair long.

Now, my hair is in medium long, even though not that long as other girls, but it is really hard to keep it long.
And, I got a lot of praises form other people, most of them think that long hair makes me look like a true girl.
My boy thinks so too, right?! :D 

Picnik collage1

Hmm, so I hope that my hair will be longer til the length that I wish for before my boy back.
And i think, this is one of the surprises that I wanna give him ;)


I want to be prettier :(

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