17 October 2010


It is 3.45 in the morning now, hell yea, insomnia again D:
I guess baby is sleeping like a pig now, due to he couldn't sleep well yesterday night

Went to OneU with my aunt's family, memory popped out of my mind again.
That's out first dating place; I passed by our first restaurant :)

I didn't mean to be emo tonight; I'm not being emo too now.
I'm just missing you too much.

Even though we still can chatting through Facebook during weekdays and webcam during weekends, but for me, all these can't cure me :(
I know baby sure will say I'm greedy, but I'm not; I just wanna be with you all the time
Listen carefully, it is ALL THE TIME


That's your hand.
Catch me whenever I'm falling down :)

Well let's think the other way round, I should be more appreciate all the things we're having right now
I don't want to be regret someday if I lost it 
I will change my silly thought :)


Be patient girl

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