23 November 2010

Screw You! D:

My blog is totally maintenance due to some carelessness and stupidness
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
Well, if you saw the photos from my post were all gone, DONT NERVOUS !
I accidentally deleted it from Flickr .____.

Find a new way to resize all the photos, so will my blog will be continued as usually
Say YAYYY readers ;)
Credits to zaza aka YuhJiun ! You saved my world !! :D

Anyway, graduation ceremony was held on last Tuesday
Took a lot of pics and thanks for bringing me such memorable and unforgettable high school memories to me 
Gonna miss the schools, my classroom, my classmates, my friends..
Awwwww ;(

Anyway, SPM exam is started !! 
This is the moment that I've been waiting since long time ago.
Well, good luck and with you all the best to you

Oh yea, we just passed our 6th month anniversary :D
Really hope that our relationship can be last long.
I really very appreciate him, and I love him SO DAMN MUCH :(

Hey boy
I'm gonna love you and make you feel like you're the only one in the world !

Only boy :)

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