15 January 2011

Biggest Joy :D

Today is Saturday. Just as usual, I was sleeping like a pig on my soft-soft-bed.

Suddenly, my phone rang and I woke up to check the phone.
My phone was showing one missed call from an unknown number and it was just 10.30 in the morning.
Okay, fine, who is the weird stranger called me in such early in the morning?
I decided to sleep back and ignored that weirdo.

Just after a moment, the weirdo called me back and I just picked up the phone.

Me : Hello?
Stranger : Hello! Hey I'm in front of your house now, come out quickly and welcome me!
Me : Uhh? Eh who are you larh?
Stranger : Just come out larh! I'm in front of your house now, quickly!
Stranger : I'm Kenny larh! Be fast, your dog is barking at me, heard?
Me : Eh why are you so early larh? *annoying* Okayyy, wait for a moment!

After I hanged up the phone, I stood up and started to change my clothes.
Ehhh, I was not going to welcome you with my pyjamas! D:
I walked down quickly while tidying up my hair.

I saw a man wearing a black long sleeve stripes shirt with a jeans.
His hair was kinda long and didn't look like Kenny's hair.
He was tall and thin - didn't look like Kenny too cause he was kinda FAT!

I shouted loudly and surprisingly. WTH! IS HIM !! IS HIM !! IS HIMMMMMMM !!!
I opened my door quickly and walked to the gate.
Now I believed my eyes.

I hugged him not-very-tightly and I didn't straight away kiss him. ROFL! The first question I asked him, " You cheated on me again?!"
I beat his hand, he smiled to me, then I hugged him again LOL!
We chatted a while and we went for breakfast together, but I just sat there and watching him eat.
After having breakfast, he went to my house and chatted with my mummy a while. Well, quite nice and could be my mummy's daughter-in-law aaaaa! :D

Next destination was his house. This was the first time sitting and chatting with his mum. Even though just only a while, but I felt much more better than last time, just, " Hai aunty! " ><
Went to his room and played with Maggie Mian. This was the first time I held Maggie Mian and she was so thin :O Cintan Mian is fatter than her.

Around noon, we went to Desa Park City and met up with Kenny. Actually I was kinda happy that you both still can chat happily and had lunch together! :D
Went to Kenny's house sat for a while and played ping pong at their friend, Kenji's house. Quite surprise too when Kenji knew my name without telling :O
The reason was Jeremy is his big-bro and I'm his big-bro's girlfriend ><

ps : sorry to Kenny's grandmum for not sitting properly just now D:

Around 6pm, Boyfriend sent me back home. I was thinking when will be our next date? :D
Hell, he knew my thought too!

Baby, you really thin already after you back from China, stop denying that you didn't; but the good thing is really, you are muscular than 4 months ago.
And why are you being so naughty and skipped your exam ?! *hit on your ass*
Hmm, I hope you are happy todayyyyy because I'm very very very happy todayyyyy! :D
I'm still smiling now you know ?! OMG.

Don't ever say that you are not good in surprising me, your trick totally is surprising me today.
Even I didn't cry, didn't mean that it is not surprising. I have so many things wanna tell you, but I don't know what to tell, how to tell , and tell from where.

Just ..

I love you so damn much, Jeremy Teh Jee Han! ♥

I'm not trying to show off, but I'm really happy and appreciate it :)

Stay with me forever okay? :)


Monster said...

congrates woman!

Eugene ! said...

thank you ladyyyyy! :D:D:D

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