19 January 2011

Question Mark?

I had a very wonderful night seriously, well, I'll blog about it next time, or maybe on the next post? :D

I just got a msg from one of my best girlfriends. She was facing some problem recently and I was quite worry about her :(
I know her since Form 1 until now, almost 6 years. Even though we didn't share many secrets to each other, but we still have other topics to chat about like fashion, photography, make up and etc.
She is not a girl that very good in study, but she is really good in performing! :D

She met a boy and very unexpected, they both got into a relationship. The outsiders like us thought they were a pair of super-sweet-couple!
But very unexpected too, they both broke up and I didn't know when it was. When I knew about it, it was too late and the girl was already crying in front of me.

Babeh, I'm so sorry to make you cry and I don't like to see your crying face too. I didn't mean to let you think about those sad memories.

Tonight, she sms-ed me and told me that she really miss him so damn much. She wanted to tell him her feelings; she was wondering that everything would back to normal. My mood was ruined off and I didn't know how to comfort her. I was so afraid that she would do something stupid or maybe hurt herself.

Babeh, I know it is hard for you to forget about him or don't even think of him; I know you still miss him so much and still love him. But, if something that really belongs to you, it will go for you; if something that really not belongs, then don't force it to be yours :)

All you can do now are let yourself be busy, so that you will not think of him. When you are really out of control, just release your feelings and sadness. Don't let you stand for it all alone, share it with your friends and families! :D

The most important, don't ever hurt yourself. Must eat well, sleep well and take care of yourself well. Don't forget that you still have us and your families too, don't let us worry about you :)
You are little-good-good-pretty girl, sure you can meet someone that really love you and sayang you! :D
Don't give up and the better one is waiting at the corner of the other street :)

Be tough girl! <3

Some might say that, it sounds easy but it is hard actually.
Yesh, you're right :(

I can't imagine that if someday Baby left me ..OMGGGGGG! D:
I really dare not to imagine! *slap myself*
But I believe that he won't leave me and I won't too :)

All About Him :)

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