16 February 2011

Back To Back

OMG! My blog is so D-E-A-D now. Feeling so sorry to myself being so lazy, I have promised myself to be more active in updating my blog!
So sorry guys! :(

Anyway, Valentine's Day just passed and I had a very special celebration with my Boyfriend! :D
This was the first time I passed Valentine's Day with my Boyfriend, so I felt so damn grateful and excited. I used kinda long time on his present and hope he would like it.
Baby, actually do you really like the present that I gave you? I was afraid that you would think that was kinda of wasting money. But I guess you are thinking so - I KNOW YOUR THOUGHT!

Not going to update about the celebration now due to lack of pics, so just wait for Boyfriend to upload all the pics to Facebook, then I will steal some of it and post here. NGEK! :p

He is my amoureux ♥♥ 

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