19 February 2011

Mon chéri ♥

Finally I'm willing to blog about my Valentine's Day - ohh, just because I'm too boring ._.
By the way, the celebration this year kinda special and out of my expectation. HA! You're right, we celebrated with his family and also relatives. My sister said it was kinda weird, but seriously it's okay for me :p
Not only me, his brother's girlfriend joined along too! :D

This day, I woke up kinda early in the morning and went stationery shop nearby to buy some papers and materials for his valentine's present. Well, I forgot to take pic of the present! ><
After done preparing his present, I bathed and went his house along with his present. On the way, I was kinda nervous - I was wondering would he like the present and the card was kinda ugly *nervous nervous nervous*

He opened the present after he took a bath. He didn't tell me whether he like the present or not, but I just felt like it wasn't a surprising present, and he didn't cryyy!! FAILED LARH ME:(
And what was my present ...? Okay, I left my present at his room, so maybe I will get it back tomorrow. HEH!

At first, I wore a black singlet with a jeans. After that, I just realized that the theme of the day was RED!
OMG, I wanted to be one of them, so Boyfriend accompanied me to walk back home and changed my cloth. His dad picked us up at my home, then we were heading to Bukit Tinggi. Damn excited weyhh! :D

We separated into 2 tables - One was meat-eater and another was vegetarian. Of course, I was in vegetarian-table! ;)
Don't ever think that we had only vegetables, we also had taufu and eggs! Eating like that, I think I won't be facing any constipation problem ;D

Tea of mine and Boyfriend :)

Hey everyone, I'm baby bunny! How cuteeeee :D

OMG, his eyes were even sexier than mineeee! xD

Boyfriend said I laughed until couldn't see my eyes - too small adi ._.

His brother and his girlfriend :D

Before leaving the restaurant, we took some group photos too!

His aunts and the middle one is his mother :D

The Girls and Women! :D

Personally kinda love this shoot :D

The Boys and Men! :D

Baby joined after that ;)

Group photo take one! :D

Group photo take two! :D

My Baby Boyfriend! <3

His Brother and his girlfriend - his face expression was so damn funny dei xD

After taking photos, we headed to Genting Highlands! I was kinda excited all the way because this was my first time visited there with his families. Eeeeeee :D

Christmas Tree aa? Christmas passed since long time ago ohh D:

Night view of Genting! :)

After we parked our car, we were heading to bowling court.

We were walking and Boyfriend was shooting behind ;)

I used to be so aunty all the time ._.

His cousin, Wei Wei and his brother's girlfriend, Jacq :)

Baby with Maggie Mian :D

He always such cuteeee! :p

You can't see my face! ;)

His youngest brother, Jet :)

She warned me not to post this photo to Facebook, but I posted it. Then she blamed me why I posted it OMG :(

We played 2 games at bowling court. Seriously, my skills kinda suck but luckily Boyfriend kept on teaching me beside. Gheeee, he said he will bring me for bowling often next time. YAYY! :D
After bowling, we headed to Starbucks!

The view in front the bowling court. I never realized it until I saw few people were shooting there and Boyfriend told me that many people like to shoot from here. Nice uh? :)

Boyfriend was shooting behind pulak HAHA! xD

Nice shoot Babyyy! :O

When we reached Starbucks, there were so so so crowded! Maybe it was Valentine's Day, so many couples celebrated there. We changed our destination to Coffee Bean, well, actually is was crowded too ._.

His brother really very tall. By the way, they look like one big family. HAHA!

Boyfriend said he kinda like this shoot. Me too me too! *raise up my hand* :p

Finally we both took a couple photo! You know what's the hardness of being photographer? Yea, we had no photos all the time because nobody wanna shoot for us ._.

When we reached Coffee Bean, the first thing that we did wasn't order a drink, but we went to the small garden nearby for photo shooting! Better don't post those photos, kinda shyyy *blush* LOL!
After shooting, we went back to Coffee Bean and ordered drinks :)

Coffee Bean's board

Logo on the window :)

Darlinn, don't be shyyy okay? <3 :D

Like very pro uh? ;)

Same pose uhh? xD

We separated into 4 tables and started to have our supper. We even went 7-11 shop to buy cup-instant-noodle and ate at Coffee Bean.

The kids were eating.

Baby was sleeping! Shhhh..

We shared this hot coffee :)

Took this before leaving. Ohh, how cute without seeing the eyeballs ._.

We went home around 2am and I reached home around 3am, Luckily my parent didn't scold me :p

Well, no candle dinner, no roses, no big bear and no any special events and surprises. But, I don't care, all I want is spending my day with him. He always be with me no matter how, that's only my wish. Baby told me that must not be greedy and appreciate every single moment we been together - that's the point.

I love you, Jeremy Teh Jee Han ♥♥♥!
Eh please don't be bored of this words, if I could, I would like to tell you every single time that I love you every single moment :)

How you celebrate you Valentine's Day? :D

ps: some photos are from my Boyfriends :)

Forever and ever
Never ends :)

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