01 February 2011

It's My Month! :D

Say Goodbye to January,
Say Hello to February!

Chinese New Year is around the corner; my birthday is crushed with the second day of Chinese New Year; Valentines' Day will be coming up next; our anniversary will come along too!
OMG OMG OMG! I really love this month :D

Seriously I'm so in CNY mood - I got red hair and red nails. Well too bad, I got no red clothes yet :(
I really hope that I can grab one before CNY, if not my mama gonna nag me again *big-big-sigh*
Whatever, I will wear the old clothes, I don't care if I still could get it ._.

Decoration at Desa Park City :)
ps: Boyfriend and I went photoshooting there at night, kinda challenging :O

My birthdayyyy...! *yawn*
Actually I don't expect too high - I don't need big-big-parties and high-cost-presents. Just, I let's everything goes naturally :p
Papa mama, so my ang pau will be bigger and thicker or not? :D

I'm Aquarius Baby Girl! *lmao*

Maybe I should stop here, kinda tired and not in the blogging mood.
So, ciaos peep! :D

I need you right now!

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