28 January 2011

Perfect Date!

It's time to blog about our very first date since Boyfriend is back from China!
ps: Date is just for both of us, no third person okay? ;)

Before that we planned wanna go Sunway Giza since both of us never been there before, but our plan failed due to nothing to shop there.
So, Boyfriend decided to go Sungai Wang to grab some new clothes for CNY.
He picked me up around 10am and hell yea, I was being late again! I said I won't be late anymore but yet, I was late again :(
After having simple breakfast at Taman Ehsan, we headed to Sungai Wang. The road was kinda jam because that day was public holiday.

The shirts selling there weren't really suitable for him, so he just bought a jeans there. We went to Time Square to take a look too. There, he bought a red mandarin! Kinda cute and he gonna wear it on the first day of CNY!
Too bad, I don't have any red shirt to wear ._.

Had our lunch as Subway. Cheap, full and fast! NGEK!

His skill kinda good. Always take nice photo for me :)
But me?! Okay larh, I will improve larh baby :(

Every time I wanted to take his pic, he covered his mouth. Rawrr!

Finally he took of his hand and I took this. 
Err, I very love this, but Boyfriend said too close. Ewwww :(

We ordered the same thing - Veggie Delite! Actually wasn't WE, I asked him to order for me ><
Seriously, I never eat Subway before and I gave my first time to him *blush* :p

Our eating face! My face was kinda rude and his face was kinda blur. HAHAH! xD

After having our lunch, we went for movie at One Utama :)
I wanted to watch Season Of The Witch but Boyfriend wanted to watch Faster. So how? O.O
We played Scissors, Stone, Paper - we would watch the movie that suggested by the loser.
At last, Boyfriend lose adi. So, we watched Faster.

Kinda nice movie and most were the shooting scene. Gheeeeee :D

After movie, we walked around One Utama and photo shooting. The ground floor was decorated with CNY theme. I could smell ang pau MUAHAHAHAHAHA! 

Oh yea, Boyfriend bought a shirt at Padini too. Seriously, I was looking forward to see he wearing like that on CNY. 

Kinda fit him! :D:D:D 
The main reason was he is tall enough ;)

Around 7pm, we had our dinner at mamak stall with his two friends, Kenji and Kenny. 

Nice shoot! I don't know why I laughed til so happy ._.
I think the guys probably would run away because of this. HAHAHA! Who cares larh, the guy at middle sure won't run away LOL!

Seriously I was happy that day because I enjoyed every moment to be with him. Another reason was he wore coat that day! He said he won't wear it when dating with me before that and I kept on begging him ._.
Naughty boy a you! 
And of course, I make up-ed that day and wore high heels. I hope he would like it but he said I wasn't Eugene that day :( 
He said I was different that day and this made me felt wasn't a good thing being like that. ARGHH! TT

Anyway, perfect date without any disturbance and worries! HEH! <3

Neh ni neh ni bu bu ___ :D

Please don't go

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