19 April 2011

Gathering With Girls!

Sorry for not updating my blog recently, because I really have nothing to blog about! :(

On the last Friday, finally, I got the chance to meet two of friends, Meen and Swing! Whoa, really long time didn't meet with them, they are kinda busy for working and studying. I think I'm the one who are most free among them - no job no school ;) 

I met with them at Umami Cafe, Maluri, around 11pm. Since I ate my lunch at home, so I just ordered a drink :)
Had a very nice gossip session with them, looking for some hot and cute guys on Facebook, and of course, photo shooting session! ;)
ops, shouldn't say it was a photo shooting, if not somebody out there will comment about this again. tsk tsk tsk.

Here's some funny photos that never post to Facebook:

Hello! there's nothing inside the cup, what are you looking at?

Oh seriously, I hate my baby hair larh, so damn a lots on my forehead TT

I'm thinking bout himmmmmmm :p

Here's some photos that had been edited by Meen,

Personally love this pic the most :D

This too! It seems nicer after cropping my eyes. LOL!

Er, I think I look better if cover my eyes :(

I wasn't the only model, there was another model! Do visit Meen's blog to see it! :D
And lastly, our group photo,

Stole it from Meen's blog! Swing looks like rabbit at the last photo! x)

After that, we went to Kepong Village to buy waffle and chilled a little moment at Popular. I sent them home - first time driving when raining larh me, luckily not very heavy ><

Time to bed now, next blog will be family gathering and of course, my 11st month anniversary celebration! xD

Whops, anniversary passed! 

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