29 April 2011

E L E V E N !

Fuhh, I'm back to the world of Internet :D My modem wasn't functioning last 2 days, until now, it recovers by itself, so damn weird ><

Well, I'm going to update my blog about our 11st Month Anniversary's eve. Baby has waited for this post since long long time ago. As I promised him, I will update my blog once I get back my Internet connection :)

It was Sunday. At the afternoon, we had vegetarian meal as lunch with his mother. When going back home, his mother received a phone call from her staff. Apparently, emergency happened. After dropping down his mother, we went to Midvalley to solve the problem.
As usual, Baby had futsal activity with his friends at Bukit Maluri field. And as usual also, I went along with him :D

Many people asked me whether I was boring watching them playing futsal, even Baby himself asked me about this too. Well, actually it aren't as boring as you all thought. It is kinda excited when watching them playing, chasing after a ball, trying to pass by the peoples, how to goal keepers try to catch the ball and so on, and of course, I can support him from my heart, even I never told him that I always support him when he is playing. HAHA! *running out of topic*

It rained heavily suddenly! They quickly ran into the hut, but still got wet like drop-soup-chicken *what kind of English is this* 
The rain became smaller and stopped, they got back to their futsal game, and I kept on playing with Baby's iPhone. Do you guys know about the fried-egg-game?! The game is so fun and I always drop my egg -.-

Around 7pm, the game ended. I was glad that I didn't have to have my dinner with my family. We went to Bukit Maluri pasar malan to have asam laksa as our dinner. HA! Guess what, my very first time to try Maluri pasar malam's asam laksa! This is delicious, no wonder Baby and his friends love it so much. But I didn't like their cucumber and pineapple's pieces. Next time I should order asam laksa kosong :s

After having our dinner, we had a walk. My first time to walk pasar malam with Baby also! I almost give him my every first time *blush* xD

What's next?! Went home, bathed, waited for 12am and gave a wish! What did you guys expect?! Candle  dinner and with a bouquet of roses? HA! Think too much! That was my celebration ;)

Every moment with you is just special. Baby, you are adorable and lovely to me <3 <3 ! :)

I suka lu banyak banyak! 

you are so meant to me

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