22 May 2011


Three-six-five days! Yea, you're right - We've been bonded together for one year! :D
Seriously, I didn't expect that I would get into this relationship with this lovely man, well, maybe I done some good things in my past life, so God give me HIM as my reward! ;)

I woke up early in the morning to prepare myself - clean myself and put on make up. After done everything, I walked to Baby's house. Baby was just half done when I reached his home x) 
So of course, we went out right after Baby was fully done *like to crap so much*

Our destination was The Curve! In fact Baby planned to have lunch at Sunway Giza after buying movie ticket at Cineleisure, but it was so jam, so we just had our lunch at Paparich, The Curve :)

Baby with the new red cap! :D

Baby was busy playing game; Drifting *vrom vrom vrom*

Had to syok sendiri because Baby ignored him ;(

See, again! I told him, I should keep his iPhone next time when dating and play it myself xD

Finally our food reached! Waited for so long and we were adi starving, especially me ..

Cheeeeese! Baby has sexy-smooky-eyes here! :-*

Eating my dry curry noodle! It tasted not bad ;)

What happened to my mouth?! :O It was just too ugly; Just to cover my mouth ._.

I just realized it! Our straws were kissing! :D

We love reflection! :D

While waiting for our snacks, we snapped again! x)

Love in the air *.*

His Facebook profile picture currently! I'm always in his eyes :)

Snack was here! ;)

Did you guys realize that we were wearing the same cap? I wasn't wearing his cap, he wasn't wearing my cap too - He gave me a couple cap as present! How cute and sweet he is..! :-*

French fried as snack! ;)

You weren't so unhappy to feed me because I'm not pretty right?! I know :(

Love this lots! x)

Maybe you all think that it isn't muscular at all, but I told you, my Baby is much more better than before, and I LIKE IT! *blush*

Mike Posner's style ;) Wondering Mike drinks Hainam Cham or not ._.

Guess what, we met two cute children there. They really look like mix-blooded kid but in fact they aren't! Their parent both are Chinese :O

She is the 6-year-old girl. Baby said she is very cute and pretty!

And that is 4-year-old boy! Awww :3

After having our lunch, we went for a movie of course. My sister said Priest is kinda sucks, so we watched Paul! 

Seriously this movie is kinda funny, kinda recommended for those who love to watch funny movie! ;)

He is so proud of himself; He always think that boys like him are hard to be found, well, maybe I haven't meet the better man, or maybe he is the only one?
But who cares? :)
You know why..?

Because he is all I want. I think I should be continued doing good things, so that I can own him in my next life, next next life, next next next life.. again and again..
I have no idea whether you can feel my love, but I really do :)

I need you, because I love you, Jeremy 

Don't ever leave me please :')


Anonymous said...

congrates yit jin! :D i can totally understands ur feeling =3 i said the same things as u! :DD especially that 'i will try to do many many good deeds so that i can continue own him in my next n next next next life too' :$ lolx first time met a girl that have same feeling with me x)

Eugene ! said...

HAHA! btw, you are huan lu or su mei or yoke yan?! Yeaaa, those feelings are so hard to be expressed by words >< we both we think to own them again because they are really special! x)

Monster said...

congrates kaki!! :D

Eugene ! said...

thanks kaki!!:D

Anonymous said...

hahax..i knew you will ask xD im yoke yan :D yea he is very precious to me x) :$ god bless all the lovers :3