05 May 2011

Dumb Dumb Us!

Oh yea, I'm now alone at my Baby's room, and I bet non of his family members know I'm in their house right now. Well, all I need to do is wait patiently! :D
While waiting for him, I was looking at those photos that we took together in his computer. Really, all the moment is just memorable <3!
Accidentally, I saw an album that is really funny and we both looked so dumb xD

This was hair dying session in his room! I dyed hair for him and he helped me too xD

Let's see another closed up photo! ;)

Okayyy, time to start! I was so damn nervous because I never dye hair nor dye for others before, so I must read the instructions very carefully! I was so afraid that the result would be poor :(

I was so concentrate reading the instruction, see? :P

Oh yea, I was too concentrate until stuck to the paper ._.

Peaceeeee before started to mix the chemical dying thingy! I looked so ugly -.-

I was so busy but Baby kept on snapping ><

We used Gatsby! :D

Shake shake shake! Looked like professional x)

Prepared the 3 towels - 2 to cover in front and also the back of the shirt, and 1 to clean the floor if the chemical liquid drop on the floor. 
Prepared a comb too, so that the chemical liquid would be applied on his hair equally.

Okay, I really looked like aunty here, I KNOW! And I sat rudely too /.\

Both us of looked so not-very-great here! HAHAHA!

Oh yea, Baby said my spec looks very aunty -.-

After 20 minutes, I helped him to wash away the chemical liquid. The colour wasn't very obvious. We both not really satisfied with the result, so I helped him dye again for the second time. And the result was great! That's his hair colour right now! ;)

After done his, then had to do mine. I didn't take any photos when he was dying for me, regret! :(
Anyway, really had a very great and fun time with him <3 <3!! :D

He's back!

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