24 July 2011

Pieces of The Past!

Alohaaa bloggers! Damn long time never update my blog, I think I did my last update around June. OMG, I didn't update my blog for almost one and half month :O

Let's talk about my life now. I'm studying Interior Design in The One Academy now. I didn't regret for choosing this college even though I just realized that there are so many homework and assignments. I rush my assignments almost every day, 24 hours are not enough for me, or should say to all the designers? :p

Above is my student ID card. Yesh! I look like vampire and look fugly too! Please don't laugh at me okay?

My school isn't a big campus like Taylor's, HELP, TARC and etc. Our class are just located above the stores separately and we do have a main block. Believe me, the facilities are good too! ;) 
I have my classes on Monday to Friday, luckily we do not have class on Saturday! *crossing-over*
Let me introduce my college's friends :-

YEA! I think you guys know her right? She is the beatboxer in our school! Feel so lucky to in the same class with her :D

His name is Zheng Fai. Some should know him if they are from SMK Sri Sinar ;)

Her name is Rachel. We used to call her RAJIAO! Cute and fashionable, I always get shocked by her dressings :D

Aiyak, can't see his face pulak! Btw, he is Vincent. He is a good boy, always help us in homework. So whoever needs boyf, you girls can consider about him! xD

Oh yea, don't have this guy solo photo! His name is Winson, he is like sister with us! :D

He is Gin Jeat! He is the most flexible among our gang, peace lover! ;)

He is Josh from Kuantan. Rich and nice guy, but too bad he has girlf adi! D:

He is Yen Han from Gerik! He is our sister too! I like him when he is doing correction on our mandarin, really funny! xD

The girl is Sandra, I think she is the prettiest and cutest girls in our class :)

That's all. In fact I knew a lot of friends in my college, not only in my class, but also other classes! I feel so great to meet them, and some of them really kind :) So I'll just enjoy my college life now!

I've set my target. What I want isn't just passing my exam; What I want is getting a good result, succeed to impressive my lecturers with my concepts and drawings, and gaining improvements.
I don't want just pass my exam. It seems very lifeless and it shows that I didn't put much effort on my study. BIG-NO-NO!

Just some little pieces of my life. I'm still very fine with my Boyf, still that sweet and geli all the time :p

See?! I really love this photos, both of us wore black and our face look so alike! Aww 

I bought something for myself, that's purse! My purse has spoiled after using for few year. It still can be used because it isn't spoiled fully, but it looks wrinkled and yellowish since I dropped it into water and some places are splatted off, so I decided to get a new one :)

That is it! Charles & Keith :D

Red is my love always! I will take care of you nicelyyyy! :D


That's me with Boyf's new Liverpool Away Kit! :D

Work it on!

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