01 September 2011


I'ma having my sem break. Working for Boyf since I eat for free meals and have free transportation every time. HEH! x)
By the way, college gonna reopen very soon, just in 4 days. I'm kinda nervous and excited, and of course feel unwilling too. But, it's okay, I'm ready for all the new challenges! ;)

Well, gonna share with you guys about my wishlist! 

1. Red Fossil Female Aluminium Watch

TADAAAAA! It looks so sexy right?! *I think that's only my own opinion*
I'm not sure whether it is selling here, will search for it. By the way, if I bought it from Fossil, the shipping will be free! ;)
Gonna save money so that I can get it asap! :D

Seriously, I want to own a watch. I'm so lazy to take out my phone just to know what's the time /.\

2. Mazda MX5

Everyone wants to have Toyota Vios, Honda City, Honda Accord, Nissan blah blah blah
For me, all that are like too common and you can see them all over the road. I want something special! ;)
I knew this car from my Boyf. The first impression when I saw this was..

Boyf told me that MX5 is two-seated car and mostly drove by girls due to its size. 
I just simply want it because it is too cute! :D

Imagine when I'm driving it on the road and wearing a sunglasses.. FUYOHHHH! x)

That's my-so-called-wishlist! Yea, I just hope to get this 2 items so far. I can get the watch in short term, gotta work hard for the car! :)

I don't wish that I will be a prodigal woman for someday, spending wastefully and don't understand the hardness of earning money. So, I will try to get what I want by using my own money. I didn't work, so all I can do is just saving money!

Good luck for me! Teheeeeee :D

Aza aza fighting! 

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