07 January 2012

New Year Resolution.

Its a brand new year people! 2012, do you guys believe in the end of the world? Telling the truth, I do believe in it. My boyf always tell me don't be afraid of it, but believe that we will be alive :)

Topic of the day is my New Year Resolution. I guess everyone will have them too right, so me too ;)

1. Everyone around me - my love one, my families, my families, everyone out there always be healthy and stay happy! No matter what they do, wish everything will be going smooth :)

2. The relationship between us will be stronger. Less arguments, more lovely things happened; Get through everything together, be supportive for each other; The most important, I could understand him and care for him more and more :)

3. Better result in my study and improve my skills. I should be more serious in my homework and projects. Compete with myself, don't get influenced by the outside world. I need to think for my future. 

5. Better personalities. I want to be more confident; I want to be more wise; I want to be more mature, but without changing my unrealistic attitude. 

4. I want to be more prettier! I want a flawless skin - I try to be more white, but it is so damn hard. So, at least less blackhead, less pimples, and smaller pores. HA! But I still hope to get whiter! I want to be more fashionable too. Not shopping blindly, but know what is the best on me. Be more hardworking, learn how to dress up properly. I used to think that there's no one notice me, so I don't need to dress up myself. I should remove this thought out of my mind FOREVER! Keep my hair longer, keep them healthy. I want a long and think hair, and dye them into red or brown!

5. Save money! I have no target, I just want to save as many money as I can. If probably, I'll try to find a part time job with flexible time, I want an extra income. I don't want to buy any branded product, I just want to save money :)

I sincerely hope that I will be giving up halfway. Arghhh! Must fight for them! 

These are my New Year Resolution, what about yours? If you don't have yet, try to think about it, they will help you to fight for your dreams come true :)

Love sick. 

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