05 February 2012

Turning to Nineteen! :D

Finally I'm nineteen, yes, I'm growing older! Is that a bad thing? I didn't expect to get anything for my birthday, but who knows there were a lot of surprises and happiness coming to me? :D

Just as usually, I woke up around 10.30 in the morning and on9. I saw pretty much people wishing on my wall post, I was so glad to see that. Boyf was working and he would shoot mv after work, so I just expected having lunch with him, and maybe went for dinner, bowling or maybe movie at night. Around 1pm, Boyf picked me up for lunch at Manjalara. He suggested we would have a walk a FRIM after lunch. I refused cause I was wearing heals and it was kinda sunny, I rather hugging on the bed. 

He : It's your birthday worh, you really don't want to go anywhere ahhh?! yerrrrr.. *repeating*
Me: Okay larh, just go to FRIM.

On the way the FRIM, it was so so so so so jam, I didn't know why everywhere were jamming this few days! I saw MRR2 didn't jam.

Me: Ehh, MRR2 didn't jam oh.
He: What about we go to MRR2's park, since you said you never been there.
Me: Okayyy ahhh!

When we reached there, we saw few people was flying the kites and some stalls were selling kites. We playing in the playground, walking, and seeing people putting the kites.

He: Want to buy a kites and play or not?
Me: Har, want mieh..? I don't know how to put de worh, some more later you need to shoot mv. Nvm larh, next time larh! 
He: Okayy.

We had a walked around the fountain. He suddenly saw something, a bouquet of red thingy. 

He: Eh dear, what is that ahhh?

We walked toward it and had a look. It was a big bear!!

He: Aiyok, don't know whose wan lerh?
Me: Yeaaa larh, so nice ehhh! 
He: Yea lorh yea lorh!
Me: Aiyak, nvm larh, maybe someone left here, don't touch it larh.

When we were ready to go, I saw a hidden card, wrote on there " To: Birthday Girl"

Me: Eee, same birthday as me? Eeeee?!?!?! WHY THIS HANDWRITING SO FAMILIAR?! 

Then I knew what happened, I turned around and looked at him, he was smiling there and wishing me "Happy Birthday dear" I was so so so so so so surprised, and didn't know what to say, just kept on asking "when you buy this?!", "when you placed this?!", "how much you bought!", but he refused to say. I picked up the bear and started to cry in his hug, like a baby.


At night, we had our dinner at Pizza Hut. I didn't want him to spend so much money seriously, I wanted him to save all the money :)

While waiting him to pick me up.

Busy playing games! ._.


Smileeeeeee :D

After having dinner, we had a hear-to-heart conversation in his room. I told him everything that I felt today, how happy I was and how touching. 


The big and cute bear! I claimed that this bear looked like him :p

The key chain, gonna bring him beside of me everyday! :)

The hidden card! :D


I got so many wishes from my friends and families. My friends gave me a cake in class; The love one gave such big and sweet surprise. This nineteen birthday was really sweetest, memorable, wonderful and unforgettable. 

Once again, thank you for all the wishes. 
Thank you Jeremy for the big surprise, I love you so so so muchhhh! Mwahss! ♥ ♥ 

Appreciate much! 


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thank you ginnie :)

Yen Cheng said...

your boyfriend's so romantic !! lucky you btw happy birthday :D

Eugene! said...

thank you yen cheng! :D