27 November 2008

Freacky !!

Today someone called me when i were boring
He is my friend, Freacky

He is a 18 years old guy and studying at Perth, Australia now
I were so damn happy because he called me from Australia !!

Once i took up my phone
He asked me whether i still remember he or not
I said i sure still remember you
Then he laughed and we started to chat

He went there 2 months ago
We long time didn't chat
When he still at here, he will call me and chat
When i couldn't sleep, he is willing to accompany me
That's why my phone bill will damn expensive
Ahahahahahaha !!

He asked me how am i recently and got anyone bully me or not
I said
" honestly i am not very ok, someone bully me.. Can you help me to hit him ?? "
He damn shocked and asked me what's going on
I told him what 's going on and i started to CRY again !!
He damn NERVOUS and keep asking not to cry
He was trying to make me luagh by singing
His singging is WORST and i LAUGH !!

He told me to FORGET about HIM and don't cry again
He said he will come back to Malaysia next year during his school holidays
Wootsssss _____
I damn happy cause finally he comes back

Then i can have the FREE MEALS from him !!
Ngek ngek ngek ____

After 1 hour, he wanted to hang up
He said
" You wait me lar, i will come back soon ... "
" If i were your boy, i won't left you alone ... "
" I will make you SMILE everyday !! Am i nice ??!! ahahahahaha !! "
I damn blur, why he said like that ??
" Ahaha ~ yea, you are nice ... "
" So take care lar.. don't cry, drink more water and miss me !! " he said again
Ahahahahaha !!
Damn FUNNY ~ =.=
" You !! Don't always smoking !! " I said

Then we ended the converstion

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The 2nd day
We didn't talk for 2 days
I miss him

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