28 November 2008


What is the relationship between YOU and ME
I really want to know

After you said you want to apart with me for a while
I really thought that you won't find me anymore
I really thought that you won't talked to me anymore

When i saw you on9, i damn nervous
I didn't know whether you will chat with me or not
And i couldn't believe that you will chat with me

You still call me soh poh when you were chatting with me
Ww just simplay chat ...
Chat about your work, your mobile and your homework
Suddenly you gave me a KISS
I don't know what was my feeling at that moment
I asked you why give me a kiss
You said just for

You asked me to call you
Call you for wat ??
On the phone
You didn't call my name but you called me soh poh
Just like when we were still together
When you wanted to hang up
You said somethings that start with " I "
I stopped you and told you not to say

You sms me early in the morning
Just like before
Told me what are you doing now
I didn't reply you because you were working
You called me in the afternoon and asked me why didn't reply your msg
You never do this before that ...
I said i just don't want to disturb your work
Then i asked you again why did you call me
You said
" Cause i am missing you lar.. Can't ??
I blur again ...
You are missing me ??!!

You said you still want me
I said if you still want me, you won't left me that day
You said
" If i didn't want you, now i won't find you and chat with you ~ "
What the hell you are thinking about ??!!

Everything just like before
Nothing changed

Actually i damn scare
I don't know what you want
I don't know what you trying to show
I don't know what is the relationship between US
You said APART, did mean we break up ??
Or other meanings ??

We are COUPLE ??
We are FRIEND ??
Or what ??

Can you tell me ??

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I miss your hug

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