18 November 2008

Tired ~

Damn tired today !!
My mum woke me up at 12.30pm
And keeps nagging, nagging and nagging ...
But i still not willing to wake up
I want to sleep !!
My mum looked at me and told me not to sleep back
Then she kicked me down from my bed
I want my blanket !!

I sat on the floor and felt want to close up my eyes
I need a stick to support my eyes !!
STICK plssss !!
I was trying to make myself clear

I cried whole night yesterday
Someone made me cried
But i think he doesn't know i cried
He didn't realise when i was talking to him in the phone
I lied to him that i am getting flu
But actually i was crying that time

He told me nothing is forever
Just appreciate wat are we having now
What can i say ??
I just pretended i don't care about it and laughed
Actually my tears were all over my face
I think that time my face looked damn ugly
Ahahahahaha !!

Maybe this is the reason why do i feel damn tired

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