05 January 2009

The 1st Day ...

Today is the 1st day of the school reopen
Excited ?? Nervous ?? Happy ??
Don't know worrr ~

Once i reached the school
I saw many students at canteen were waiting fot the assembly
Phewwww _____
Those Form 3 students this year
Cheh !!

I saw Xuxu !!
The most MAN girl in my life, but she will cry also ..
I was so happy til shouted out !!
" XUXU !! ~~~~~ "
Like a soh poh

I saw my Meen Dear while waiting for the assembly
I damn damn damn MISS her u know ??!!
Then i shouted again ..
I know i am ' sia sui ' larrr ...

We sang ' Negaraku ' during the assembly
OMG !!
Long time didn't sing this song adi ...
Almost 2 months ...
Ahahahahahaha !!
Then we heard Ah Ong's voice too !!
Honestly i don't miss his voice at all
But i know that Ah Lim miss us
Yeaaaaaaa ~

I am 4L class student !!
Errrrr ~
Not very like this class actually ...
My classmates are WEIRD
Maybe not from the same channel, so can't find the same topics

I miss all my FRIENDS !!
Miss all of your smile ~

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I am Ms Apple !!


Shumeen said...

Dar.. Miss u n love u too.

LIING said...

da moz MAN huh..!! =.=

EuGeNe said...

yea larrr ~
xuxu u are MAN ____