04 January 2009

School Reopen !!

5th of January 2009 !!
School reopen !!
Eyeeerrr ____
Should i feel happy ??
Yea i think because i won't stay at home whole day
And face the walls whole day ...

I can play with friends tmr !!
I can meet my Meen Dear tmr !!
Hohohohohohoho !!
Excited-nya ~

I don't want to see 1 person
A person that make me feel disgusting when i see him
He hurted me, so i hate him !!
Now he has a new GF
Watever larrr ~
I don't care about him

Hmmm ...
Going to makan ais with Rivion
Ala ~
Hope he will come tmr larr ~
You better come tmr and don't put my aeroplane
If not i sure will kill you !!
Hiak hiak hiak _______

Hmmm ...
I miss HIM !!

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