03 February 2009

Happy Birthday ~ !!

4th February is my DAY lar weyhh ____
I am the biggest on this day
Hohohohohohohoho .. !!

Hmm ...
I didn't hope for getting anything
As long as my family, friends and babe rmb
But if anyone wanted to gv me present
I will also accept it

Going to celebrate .. ??
Still don't know yet
Hope i can celebrate with Ling Ling ( nt Xuxu )
Because her birthday same as me .. !!
Hope i can celebrate with him
But think can't ..
DissapointedNyaaaaa ________

Am i going to sing .. ??
生日快乐 我对自己说

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Getting older .. ??
Nooooo ~

1 comment:

Andrew said...

hahahaha cant send message to your hp lar (:
Happy Birthday! XD