17 February 2009

Day =)

Long time didn't update my blog again
Not my fault lar weyhh _____
Just blame the line connection
Damn it got a lots of problems ..

I was going to SQM duty again today
My teammate was Meng Wei
He was damn damn funny during the duty
Actually this was the 1st day he came for duty
So i had to explain to him about the rules

We incharged in acara lontar peluru
After prepared all the things, then all the students came
We started the acara after we explained the rules to them

Some of the students did the acara til very funny
Specially the form 1 students
Ahahahahahaah !!
Know lar, their body size are kecil miao
Den the ball seems heavier than them
When they threw the ball, felt that they also wanted to throw themself
And flied together with the ball
Ming Wei kept laughing laughing and laughing ..

After that came a form 2 guy with spec
When he threw the ball, his spec is flying out together with the ball .. !!
Then Ming Wei laughed again .. !!
Crazy fella lar you .. !!

In the evening
When we were going to finished it, it started to rain
Hohohohohohohoho !!
We kept all the things quickly and rushed back to QM room
A lots of people looked at us because we ran like a crazy
Raining .. !!

Tmr going to duty again ..
FUN =)

I love you .. !!
My babe

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