19 February 2009

Thinking Of You

I didn't go for Biology lesson today
I ponteng .. !!
I hate to attend Go Tsing Tsing's lesson
Because of her English
Tissue become tisu .. ??
Page become pige .. ??
Wtf i really don't know what is she talking about
I didn't pay any attention during her lesson
Hohohohohohoho !!
My Biology sure fail next week

Stayed in the class with Xuxu
She damn hardworking because did Add Maths
And i was doing nothing ..

Starting to thinking
Thinking of my babe
Hahas !!

Long time didn't chat with you
1 week, i guess ..
Started to think

When we are going to watch movie together .. ??
When we are going to celebrate Valentines' Day together .. ??
When you are going to hold my hand .. ??
When you are going to sing to me .. ??
When .. ?? What .. ??

If we were together
I will be the boy and protect you
If we were together
I will take down every moment by my camera
And keep in my heart
Appreciate and hearted you

How could i let you go .. ??
Once i have get the best one

期待着 珍惜每一次

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I just can't stop thinking of you
Forgive me, babe