12 February 2009

My Life =)

How's my life .. ??
Hmm ...
Hearted my life now
Although damn busy
Have to stay back everyday for the cheer training
But i still love it a lots

The last time i chatted with him was 4 days ago
Damn suffer lar weyhhh _____
Miss him a lots
Don't know how's his life now .. ??
Don't know whether he takes care of himself .. ??
How's ur life .. ??

Don't try to cheat me
Although i am easy to be cheated
I can't tahan all these ..

Nothing feels right when you are not with me
Sick of this feeling .. !!
You make me melt
But you make me crazy too

I promised you that i won't think so much
I will try to do that
Don't forget your promise too
if not i would pinch ur face .. !!
Hiak hiak hiak _______


Photography:) Pictures, Images and Photos

1 year
remember it .. ??
hope so

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